With close to a decade of experience, our company is renowned for a wide range of welding services. Our welding procedures and processes follow the CWB standards. Our welders team is specialized in steel beam reinforcements and on-site welding among other things.

Steel Beam Reinforcement

Strengthening steel beams require some additional material to ensure that your structure remains stable. Reinforcing steel beams by adding more metal will help increase the load capacity and render your structure more resistant. Thus, preserving the integrity of the structure. Du Paul can intervene strategically and carry out reinforcement of historical buildings, factories and other types of buildings.

On-Site Welding

Our mobile welding unit is perfectly fit for on-site jobs. It allows our team to come in with the proper equipment and get to work fast. Our welders will quickly get to the work site and operate in parallel with your team to ensure that everything is done in a timely manner.

Custom Steel Structures Conception

Our experts respect the norms established by the CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) in order to deliver steel structures that meet national standards. Custom steel structures provide flexibility and allow you to have a structure that fits your building perfectly.

Technical Drawings (DWG)

DWG is a file format used to store 2D and 3D designs. It is often used in many CAD applications. We rely on these files to provide estimates but also help our clients improve them or create technical drawings if they do not have these files prepared before the welding project begins.

Laser Metal Cutting

Laser metal cutting is offered as an additional service to our clients. We can provide you with detailed information regarding the various laser metal processes used depending on the type of metal, the budget and time constraints of each project.

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