Du Paul brings your architecture and engineering projects to life. Our team of experts is here to help you evaluate a wide range of projects (considering time evaluation, costs, required resources). The conception and construction of a metallic structure is the starting point of many construction projects. Our team is specialized in building custom steel structures and reinforcing existing ones. Here are the ways we can help your team:

Reinforcing an existing metallic structure

Steel structures for commercial and residential projects can be reinforced by our team. This type of welding is important to ensure the continued stability of your metallic structures. Our team adds materials to existing metallic structures, thus preserving the integrity of the structure. We can install girders, columns and other construction materials to buildings, bridges and many other structures. Steel is the primary metal involved in this type of construction work. As this often requires heavy steel frames, we recommend using our mobile welding units that come equipped with a boom truck to move beams and girders into place.

Structural steel for new constructions

Du Paul produces custom steel structures for new construction projects. We build steel structures for steel sheds, shopping malls and factory steel beams. Need structural steel work done? Give us a call!

Custom steel sheds

A lack of additional storage space can be problematic. Sheds are a good way to provide more space on a property. Du Paul will build custom sheds that will meet your requirements. There are many styles of roof and frames styles that can be built with steel. Having the perfect fit is very important when it comes to this type of structure. Picking the right size shed for your property isn’t always easy. This is where custom steel sheds come in. We build custom sheds for businesses and homes alike. Steel sheds are high quality, durable and fit most budget requirements.

Shopping malls

Our welders are very experienced with custom steel structures for shopping malls. If you are planning a new commercial development, provide us with your DWG drawings and our engineers will provide you with an estimate. We adapt to a wide range of requirements to help build shopping mall structures up to customer specifications.

Structure expansion

Before looking for a new location for your business, consider expanding your current building! Our engineers can help you draft a construction plan to build an addition.

Factory steel beams

We also reinforce and install factory steel beams.

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