Du Paul is a company specialized in fabricated metals in the province of Quebec. Our experts work mainly with steel and operate in the greater metropolitan region. We provide custom fabricated metals such as balconies, awnings, mezzanines, stairs and railings. We pride ourselves on producing quality work that meets our customers’ standards while respecting industry norms and specifications.


From concept to execution, we build all types of steel mezzanines for industrial buildings, restaurants and more. The Du Paul team favors steel as a building material because it is solid, reliable, and adapts to various environments. Steel as a building material because blends in various environments such as factories, lofts, bars, homes, while adding to their character.

Keep in mind, mezzanines include more than “just the stairs”. The stairs, the railing and the structure (the platform and support poles) need to be designed and built.


Need custom stairs? We build steel and aluminum staircases. Our steel staircases can be galvanized or treated with a potter coat to give them the exact look you need for your project. There are a few things to keep in mind before you build your staircase. You need to take into account structural needs, make sure you work with qualified welders and plan the conception, construction and installation of your staircase.

Whether it be for a factory or an architectural space, our experts can assist you and determine what the structural requirements are in order to create the perfect custom staircase for your needs. As CWB certified welders, we will ensure that your projects meet national specifications and guidelines.


Du Paul also specializes in the construction of industrial grade railings for factories and residential homes (indoor and outdoor staircase railings). You can opt for two options: steel railings and aluminum railings.

Steel railings are a great option if you are looking for a solid solution that is more budget friendly than aluminum stair railings. Also, steel can be galvanized to prolong its lifetime. Aluminum railings, on the other hand, are low maintenance and highly resistant to corrosion. As these railings are not as sensitive to rust, they are perfect for outdoor uses.


There are two main types of balcony structures available to you: balconies that are cantilevered (no support columns as they are self-supporting) and balconies with supporting steel columns (HSS).

For all inquiries regarding our fabricated metals, feel free to reach out to one of our experts!

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